activated charcoal

Clean the face: Gelatin with activated charcoal mask for the face

Your skin on your face can be perfect in all respects, but if you look at it better, then on the nose, in the forehead above the bridge of the nose, on the chin and cheeks there is no-no, but separate black dots appear, and even whole placers. This acne, pores, blackheads – a problem familiar to most people not by hearsay. If you cannot get rid of them, then it’s time to move on to decisive measures, and gelatinous face mask with activated charcoal will help you in this. But it is always easier to prevent a problem than to deal with it later, so consider what leads to the appearance of acne.

Mask For Black Dots: Homemade Black Masks with Activated Charcoal and Clay

Black dots on the face are nothing more than an accumulation of sebum, dust, dead cells or dirt in the enlarged pores. When pollution accumulates, they protrude to the surface of the skin, and there they oxidize and turn black, turning into notorious black dots. Today we will consider the most effective black masks for black dots – the famous black mask, with activated charcoal and clay.