How to Rejuvenate the Skin of the Hands

How to Rejuvenate the Skin of the Hands? What Exactly Helps?

Everybody knows that our hands are the first to give out our age. Small wrinkles, wrinkles deeper, roughness, pigmentation and other unwanted age manifestations do not give us special joy and, of course, we are looking for ways to prolong the beauty and youth of our hands.

In the cold season, the skin of our hands is especially vulnerable and it is therefore important to give it more care than usual.

Daily gentle care

Caring for the skin of the hands is not a one-time activity. You need to take care of the pens every day. Do not think that this is something complex and intricate. In fact, in order for the skin to be tender and silky it is enough to simply replace the usual soap with natural, and the usual hand cream for rejuvenating. Ideally, the composition of the cream included nutrients.

Natural soap without parabens will not dry the skin of hands, but on the contrary, will give a beneficial effect thanks to the oils and nutrients that make up its composition.

Rejuvenating hand cream will not only moisturize, but also smooth out fine wrinkles, will make the skin more elastic and taut. Prefer a cream with a content of Q 10. It will provide instant recovery and regeneration of the skin of the hands. Handles will be smooth and silky every day!

Abundant food with paraffin

The procedure of paraffin therapy has been known to us for a long time. For many years now we’ve been telling you how useful this is, teaching the correct technology of using paraffin at home, making videos and writing articles. But still not all our subscribers have made it a rule to do home paraffin therapy at least once a week. And in vain! After all for all these years (and we have been with you for more than 10 years) nothing more effective than paraffin therapy has appeared in the beauty industry! We do not take into account the complex and risky procedures associated with skin punctures and the introduction of various chemical components into it, we are considering affordable and simple methods that any woman at home can afford. And here paraffin therapy has no equal!

How to rejuvenate the skin of the hands with paraffin?

Cosmetic paraffin itself is a very useful and necessary product for women. In a solid form from him there is no sense, but in the melted he creates miracles with our skin! It can be melted both in a water bath and in a special paraffin bath. The first method is economical, but less practical. The second is slightly more expensive, but faster and more aesthetic.

How to Rejuvenate the Skin of the Hands

Paraffin softens, moisturizes, activates the processes of cell renewal, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin!

Paraffin is not just capable of delivering the nutritional components that make up its composition to your skin. With the crushing effect that occurs when the paraffin is frozen on your hands, paraffin “drives” the cream or serum that you put into your hands before dipping them into the melted paraffin. For 15-20 minutes of treatment your skin gets a huge amount of nutrition and moisturizing! Such abundant care can be provided only with the help of paraffin therapy!

How do I do paraffin therapy myself?

The procedure is simple and very pleasant:

  • We clean the skin of hands with a scrub. Exfoliate the dead skin particles and open the pores so that the skin is ready to take maximum benefit and health;
  • We put a rejuvenating cream for hands. This will be very different from the usual use of the cream, because now its composition will penetrate much deeper, which means it will bring even more benefits;
  • We lower the hand into the melted paraffin and immediately take it out. We give the paraffin a little “grab” – 10-20 seconds and then immerse your hand in the paraffin. And so 6-8 times;
  • We put on the hand a cellophane glove and a glove on the top of the glove;
  • Relax about 20 minutes. We feel pleasant pressure and warmth from paraffin. Enjoy and relax;
  • We remove paraffin from hands, iron and touch the skin of our hands; we rejoice and do not believe our eyes!

The skin of hands after paraffin therapy is incredibly soft, tender, velvety and almost childlike. The pens are beautiful, shining and sleek!

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