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How to prepare mask for acne with activated charcoal?

When using only natural ingredients for several weeks, you can see how the skin condition changes for the better. With activated charcoal masks you need to be careful! Since they cannot be used if the vessels are too close to the skin, and also if the skin is too sensitive.

To defeat a lot of ugly acne on the face, it is important to choose the right mask, which includes tablets of coal and other useful, natural ingredients.

Precautions when using a charcoal mask:

  • Before applying to the face it is important to check if there is an allergy to the remedy.
  • Do not apply around the eyes. If the product accidentally gets into the eyes, it should be washed immediately with running water.
  • Do not apply on the eyebrow area.
  • It is forbidden to do coal procedures in the presence of fresh wounds or severe inflammation on the face.
  • Flush should be no later than fifteen minutes.

Traditional mask with activated charcoal

Mask with charcoal will help to successfully clean the face of the points. Add the liquid to the powder from the tablets of the preparation to obtain a gritty mixture. Lubricate the problem areas of the face with the agent, after ten minutes rinse with water.

Non-aerated mineral water with activated charcoal

Mask for a fat skin with coal and non-charcoalated mineral water will help to cleanse the face. Several tablets of the drug are dissolved in water. With the product, cleanse the face, hold it for a quarter of an hour. Read also:

Gelatinous particles with activated charcoal

For cleansing clogged pores and destroying points on oily skin, it is possible to do procedures using coal and gelatin. Mix the powdered tablet of the preparation with gelatinous particles (15 grams) and milk (15 milliliters).

After cooling the mask, apply it directly to the problem areas that have arisen. During the procedure, gelatin will dry up and form a film. After a quarter of an hour, carefully remove the film mask from the bottom upwards.

Clay with activated charcoal

The tablet of coal is turned into a powder, which should be diluted with green or blue clay (take 5 grams). In the resulting loose mixture, add warm milk (15 grams) and gelatin (5 grams).

Strain in a water bath for a quarter of an hour. Cool the face with a coolant. After 10 minutes, if a film is formed, carefully remove it. If the film does not, then simply wash off the mask.

Such a tool is used for deep cleansing of a face with a fat type of skin.

activated charcoalYoghurt with activated charcoal

To softly clean the face with dry skin, you can do the following procedure:

  1. 30 grams of yogurt without preservatives dilute with charcoal powder (15 grams).
  2. Add 15 grams of juice from the lemon.
  3. With the product obtained, treat the face and rest for a quarter of an hour.

After a while, wash the mask off your face. The procedure will remove the inflamed process on the face. Yogurt is sometimes replaced by milk.

Aloe with activated charcoal

Cleanser with aloe juice and activated charcoal removes inflammation on the face, removes subcutaneous pimples, and helps to saturate cells with the necessary trace elements. It can be used to cleanse the skin of any type of face.

To 5 grams of coal powder add juice from aloe leaves (5 grams). Mix the slurry with water. Add 5 grams of sea salt and tea tree oil (how many drops). Put the agent on the face for ten minutes.

Rose water with activated charcoal

For all skin types, a remedy with pink water, which calms the inflamed face, is wonderful.

Powder coal (15 grams) diluted with rose water (30 grams) and essential oil from tea tree (a few drops). For ten minutes, apply to the problem areas of the face.

Ice with activated charcoal

To rejuvenate the skin of any type, you can make ice charcoal. In cool water (150 milliliters), dissolve the drug tablet. Pour the homogeneous consistency into ice molds and send them to the freezer.

Frozen cubes wipe your face twice a day. With systematic use, the skin will always look young.

Black clay with activated charcoal

Mask film for the removal of acne is used for all skin types. Powder from coal (two tablets) mix with gelatinous particles, black clay (in equal proportion) and milk (10 milliliters).

Apply a mask to the affected areas of the face with a brush. It is removed in a quarter of an hour. It is enough to pull carefully for the formed film. Purification in this way should be done twice in seven days.

Brown algae with activated charcoal

With the help of brown algae, the condition of a person with a fat skin is improved. To the activated charcoal (30 grams) add brown seaweed (2 pieces) and water (to get the gruel).

Put the product on a pre-heated face for 15 minutes. It is also washed off with water. Mask with the addition of algae will purify the skin, remove the inflammatory process, enrich it with all the necessary substances and remarkably narrow the pores.

Masks with charcoal contribute to deep cleansing of pores, destruction of black dots. With the help of additional ingredients, nutrition, moisturizing, soothing, rejuvenating the skin occurs.

Selection of components for procedures with coal should be carried out taking into account the fulfillment of their mission, as well as the type of skin of the face.

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