Activated Charcoal

Why black mask is the best remedy for skin?

Under the name black mask, several types of masks are combined, which are used to purify the skin. They include such components as activated charcoal, therapeutic mud, and black cosmetic clay.

Regardless of the ingredients, black face masks are advised for use in both oily and combination skin:

  • Effectively clean the pores, pulling blackheads;
  • Improve the appearance of the problem skin, eliminating shine and excessive fat content, caring and nourishing;
  • They remove puffiness due to the fact that they activate the processes of metabolism;
  • Reduce inflammation and irritation, including acne and acne;
  • Have a small pull-up effect.

Of course, each of the varieties of black masks has its own characteristics. However, the black mask-film based on activated charcoal is considered to be the most effective because of its high absorbing properties.

The gel-like mass penetrates into the pores, pulling out contaminants and accumulated sebum, much more sparing than it does during cosmetic procedures involving extrusion.

Also, the cleansing capabilities of this mask significantly exceed the scrubs, which only affect the surface of the skin and do not penetrate deep into the pores.

Basic components of Black Mask

To know how to use a black face mask, you need to have an idea of its main components. There are several types of mask, differing in composition. These are masks, the active substances of which are activated charcoal, black clay, and therapeutic mud.

Also, masks can include essential oils, wheat germs, gelatin (collagen), vitamins and other supplements. Read also:

black maskThe principle of the mask

Depending on the composition, the principle of the action of masks differs:

  • Activated charcoal has absorbent properties, it helps to pull out pollution from pores, collects excessive fat and exchange products.
  • Black clay dries the skin, fights with high fat content, besides it contains micronutrients useful for the skin, tones up, reduces inflammation.
  • Therapeutic muds differ in chemical composition depending on the place of origin. Known for their medicinal properties are not only for the skin, but also for other organs of Tambukan mud from Lake Tambukan in the Caucasus and the mud of the Dead Sea.

It is a real storehouse of useful substances, they nourish the skin, saturate it with oxygen and moisture, remove the products of metabolism, contamination, smooth the skin. Dirt, like clay, gives a small massage effect.

What imperfections of the skin struggles?

All black masks struggle with blackheads, clogged and dilated pores, excessive skin fatness, pimples, acne, irritation and inflammation.


This mask cannot always be used, the black mask for the face, like other means, has contraindications:

  • Black Mask is contraindicated in dry thin skin, peeling, narrowed pores, and allergies to components.
  • Also, masks with activated charcoal and clay are contraindicated in coupe rosé and the presence of inflammation and wounds.
  • Masks with mud are contraindicated at high temperature, pressure, in the acute period of diseases.

What results can you expect?

If properly used black mask for the face, it will immediately notice how the skin changed. It becomes smoother, blackheads can completely disappear, and sometimes it takes several mask applications. Sometimes on the removed mask-film are visible adhering to it sebaceous plugs.

The mask-film has some side effects. The skin can begin to peel off, there is a burning sensation, which usually passes after applying the cream. Immediately after removing the mask, it may seem that there are more black dots, but this is actually due to the fact that the pores have opened.

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