Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal black facial mask for deep cleansing

Cleansing properties of activated charcoal are familiar to many people. This drug is sold in pharmacies, it is able to save the body with intoxication. It absorbs poisonous substances and displays them. In this case, such a tool has the main advantage – it is a natural and absolutely safe product. It is used in dietetics, for water filtration, in the treatment of gastric diseases. Often these unique tablets are also used in cosmetology. Activated charcoal mask is very effective. It will solve many problems with the skin, since it acts on the skin in a complex and beneficial way.

Benefit of activated charcoal

Coal tablets are made from wood. Therefore, they retain all the useful properties of natural wood, which are transferred to cosmetics. With constant use, the mask with activated charcoal renders the following actions …

  • Affects the functioning of sebaceous glands. As a result, the production of fat is significantly reduced. Accordingly, no sebaceous plugs are formed. But they are the cause of the appearance of acne and black spots. Thus, the use of activated charcoal for the face (face mask, scrub or other cosmetic with this ingredient) improves the condition of the skin prone to fat.
  • With its help, the face cleanses, eliminates black spots and other skin contaminants;
  • Activated charcoal from acne saves, blocking the foci of inflammation. This remedy is able not only to cure acne, but is also a good preventive against this scourge;
  • If used regularly, can smooth out the skin, reduce the number of fine wrinkles;
  • Face mask with activated charcoal will make the skin smooth, beautiful, with a healthy color.

Application rules of activated charcoal mask

To save yourself from acne as effectively and quickly as possible, you need to follow several rules before you make a mask:

  • Coal for acne will help in the event that it will not be overdue. You should try to use a fresh remedy. It will be much easier to crush;
  • The course of masks should last at least 6 weeks. Once in 7 days, it is necessary to use activated charcoal for the face. After that it is recommended to take a short break for 2 months;
  • It is desirable to apply the product to a clean, steamed face. Preliminarily you can go to a hot bath. Read also:

These tablets rarely cause allergic reactions. However, before using them, it is recommended to check the reaction on the skin of the wrist.

Activated charcoalActivated charcoal face mask preparation

It is very simple to use coal at home. Activated charcoal from black dots is one of the most effective and popular means. Just cook it. The main thing is to choose an effective recipe for yourself. And there are a lot of them in folk medicine and cosmetology.

  • Mask of activated charcoal and gelatin: A mask from black dots with activated charcoal is made simply: one tablet is needed, which is thoroughly crushed. The resulting powder is mixed with a spoonful of gelatin. All is diluted with 2 small spoons of milk (preferably from a refrigerator). Ready mix put in the microwave for a quarter of an hour. After that, put on the face, wait for it to dry, and then take off. Such a film means will quickly help you in the fight against black spots.
  • Clay mask with activated charcoal: One tablet is mixed with a spoon of black or green clay. There is a spoon of warm milk and gelatin powder. Everything is heated until the gelatin is dissolved. Then the film mask is applied and held until it dries.
  • Activated charcoal with yoghurt: In this case, crushed tablets (1 spoonful) are mixed with 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt. There is also added a little lemon juice. This remedy is an excellent option for skin detoxification.
  • Activated charcoal classic mask: The classic recipe implies that the mask of coal is mixed with water. The result is a gruel, which is applied to problem areas. Literally after 25 minutes it should be washed off.
  • Activated charcoal with aloe: This option allows very effective use of activated charcoal against acne. You need to mix a small spoon of the ground tablets with the same amount of aloe juice and sea salt. A couple of drops of tea tree oil is added to the mixture. Everything is bred with a little water.

Keep on the face skin should not more than 25 minutes. The effect from it is noticeable already after the very first application. Inflammations decrease, the skin is dried, and also lifting occurs.

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